Student Fundraising Accounts

What is a Student Encumbered Fundraising Account?

The Wauwatosa West Orchestra Parents Association (WWOPA) maintains an account for each orchestra student consisting of credits towards orchestra-related expenses. Credits are earned (at a pre-determined rate) by participation in orchestra fundraisers. The money raised is represented in the student accounts as credits, where each credit corresponds to one dollar (as noted in a resolution passed by WWOPA in May, 2013). The money belongs to WWOPA, not to the student. Credits in students’ encumbered accounts may be used to pay for school orchestra-related expenses, such as field trip (day or overnight) payments, senior gift, and uniform alterations. Credits may not be used to pay for private lessons or camps.

A student may raise funds in the name of another student but may not transfer credits to the account of another student. Credits may be transferred between accounts of siblings who are currently participating in the Wauwatosa West High School Orchestra. In addition, upon graduation or departure from the orchestra program, a student may transfer unused credits to a sibling under the following conditions: the sibling must be enrolled in orchestra (at Tosa West or Whitman) and entering 8th grade or higher the school year following the first student’s graduation (or departure) from orchestra. If no sibling meets the requirements, the credits in the account will be transferred to the WWOPA general fund. If the credits left over at graduation are substantial, the graduating student may request that they be allocated to a particular item in the WWOPA budget, such as Kinderkonzert supplies, Solo and Ensemble music, scholarships, instrument repair, etc. Approval of this request is at the discretion of the WWOPA Executive Board.

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